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I Miss Blogging November 30, 2009

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I think about blog topics all the time. I stopped blogging because I just didn’t have the time all of a sudden. And I didn’t have anything to talk about anymore. But I miss it, so I think I’ll start again. This one is just to get me started. I’m going to publish it as is- without all the bells and whistles (pics, bold lettering, etc) just to get one under my belt. Next I think I’ll blog about Shaun’s current sermon series and some pretty ugly things I’ve learned about myself…ugh!


One Response to “I Miss Blogging”

  1. Dion Evans Says:

    Shoot… I feel the same way. I have totally been sleeping on blogging. I have several topics and I forget them because I have been a lazy blogging bumb… I will do better. You have inspired me. 🙂

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