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Stop time, please!! May 19, 2009

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My first born is now seven years old. I just can’t believe it. Really. She is my first love, my first baby…the one who turned me from a young, stupid girl, into a woman-a mother. I love this girl in a special way. It’s because of her that I understand the true meaning of love.

I can picture her as a baby- before we adopted Taeyonna, before Ezekiel, before Savannah- it was just our small, little family…me, her, and Shaun. I swear it seems like just yesterday.

And now she’s seven. And now she’s wearing glasses. I feel like crying every time I see this picture.

God I’m thankful she’s growing. I really am. It certainly beats the alternative (what doesn’t grow dies). But does it have to happen so fast? Oh to kiss that baby face just once more! Stop time, please…just for a minute!


4 Responses to “Stop time, please!!”

  1. Mom Says:

    I am sitting here boo-hooing. I’ve missed out on so much with all of them. And yes Kendi is growing up. She got hold of Granny’s heart and has never let go. But as each of my grand-children are born that each get a piece of my heart. I looked at Savannah’s picture this morning and just wished I could hold her and have her love me like Kendi did when she was little No one knows how I love my grand babies. Love You

  2. Timisha Davis Says:

    Just wanna say I am SO in love with your blog! Started reading Shaun’s first…then yours, and I enjoy them both!

    Inside of the 10 minutes I’ve taken to read all your recent posts, I have smiled, laughed, cried, wondered, and praised God for how he’s blessed your family!

  3. Carolyn Says:

    All I know to say is: enjoy every moment that you have with your first child. She is precious. That you have poured your love into her, shows. Give her kisses so she can remember them when she is grown, an example for her to give to her children – boys or girls. Boys need affection, too. The other children also need that love and affection to overcome what they missed earlier. — God bless you as you help your husband in God’s work.
    Bainbridge, GA , 55 miles north of Tallahassee, FL and 65 miles east of Dothan, AL.

  4. judy Says:

    Just found you guys…love the blogs! One of my “babies” just turned 30. For his birthday, I scanned his first photo album and put it online where he could see it. And cried.

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