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Video Blog- Family Night May 15, 2009

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I’m so excited!  I’ve never posted a video of any type on here because I don’t know how, and getting Shaun to do stuff for me on the comp is like pulling teeth.

But after just 2 days of begging, he gotter done.  Here’s my first video blog post.  It’s of our most recent family night.  Stay tuned to the end to watch Shaun and I play at the park.


4 Responses to “Video Blog- Family Night”

  1. Michele Says:

    Very cute,…my kids heard me watching it from upstairs and almost broke their necks to get downstairs to watch it!! It goes with out saying that they LOVED it and are asking to see it again!! BTW Shaun’s stripes and plaid was KILLIN’ me!!! LOL!!!!!!!! that’s my bro!!

  2. Avril Says:

    Oh how cute! What park was this? My niece and nephew are coming to visit next week and I’ve been looking out for different parks to take them to.

    • raitking Says:

      That was Centennial Park. One of my favs. -especially if you are able to play at the fountains.

  3. simon cooper Says:

    Hello from London. That is such a cute video. …and Yep, my wife finds it just as hard to get me to help her out with the laptop. Still need to get her a facebook a/c.

    You guys have a really nice thing going over there in Atlanta, we are praying for you from over here in England. God bless.

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