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Rescue Me! May 6, 2009

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stroller Ok, yesterday I did something so embarrassing that I wouldn’t let Shaun twitter about it.  But here I go blogging about it.  It makes for a short, humorous post.

Like most women I know, I’ve been trying to lose weight.  Sometimes I get so mad, b/c Shaun can sit around with a pudgy belly and little man boobs and not care one bit!  But I freak out about every roll, hump, and bump!  It’s just not fair.  Why are the standards so different?

Anyhow, I digress!

Well I’ve been walking the girls to school as a form of exercise in the mornings.  Yesterday I decided to walk them to school and then continue on to the grocery store that’s a good 12 blocks away (12 city blocks..much bigger than neighborhood blocks).  I had Savannah with me in her stroller, so I was excited that this would add to the work out even more.

So we’re walking and I’m climbing a few minor hills and start to realize that I’m a little tired.  It’s warm outside, but not hot, but suddenly I’m sweating. My normal walk to Centennial Park is full of pretty flowers, and fellow joggers. But I notice that there are a lot of really loud trucks out, with honking horns, smog, and not another jogger in site. Still confident, I actually decide to take the long way there.

Well I cross the bridge over the interstate and I realize I’m on 1st street and have to make it to 8th.  All of a sudden this trip isn’t seeming like such a good idea.  It’s loud and stinky, and full of weird looking people who keep asking to see my baby (I had a blanket over the stroller to protect her from the stinch and noise).  Plus I’m at 4th street and completely exhausted!  I’m not even at Publix yet, and am already dreading the walk home!

I begin to toy with the idea of calling Shaun.  I go back and forth between ‘You can do it’ and ‘No you can’t.’

Finally the ‘no’s’ won.  I called Shaun at 6th street and asked him to come get us.  He laughed hysterically.  I started to cry.  He apologized and came to rescue me!

Sometimes the ‘road less traveled’ is less traveled for a reason. I think for now I’ll stick to the scenic route!


10 Responses to “Rescue Me!”

  1. estherowens Says:

    oh poor thing. I am trying to loose my weight too and planning on walking a lot once I move downtown. I will be sure to keep your story in mind, next time I want to travel the road less traveled 😉

  2. Dion Evans Says:

    Okay, that was very funny. I laughed out loud like Shaun did. I love it. 🙂

  3. Antwon Davis Says:

    Oh wow.

    Such a priceless story.


  4. suzqf Says:

    lolololol….. I originally come from pittsburgh area and when I moved down here I gained like 20 lbs in 2 weeks and have not been able to lose it since… I go to gym… I swim… (okay.. I mostly lay in the sun…) I walk… I do slim fast… I starve… I eat nothing but salad… I have come to the conclusion that Jesus has made the decision that I am to be thicker than I am used to… and I have to just accept it… so then I say to Him (Jesus) well… fine then… how about we keep all but the belly??? (still seeing no change… learning to accept it…) lololol… (I have been down here since 2003…)

    • shauninthecity Says:

      It’s all the southern sweet tea, peach cobbler, and fried chicken! I too gained like 15 lbs when I came down here for college. Just too many good places to eat!

  5. Lynnette Says:

    ahhh I am laughing SO HARD at this ! I have truly been in this situation more time than i can bring myself to admit! i never call for a ride but i make the other half PAY when i finally drop thru the door exhausted!!! I dont know why either, its his fault somehow in my mind!! this is so funny cause I realize now how terrible I really am!! I cant stop laughing!! thanks Rai!!!!!

    • shauninthecity Says:

      I know why you get mad at him. It’s because it’s not fair that they lose weight so easily and can eat how they want. Nor is it fair that even when they are fat, they don’t care 🙂

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