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Date Night April 19, 2009

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Since starting the church and having Savannah, Shaun and I have been lucky enough to get a date night once a week.  Every Thursday night for the past month and a half we have gone somewhere alone (well as alone as we can get these days- Savannah is always with us).

I REALLY look forward to these dates.  It’s the only time we get to talk to each other without Ezekiel screaming and crying and without the girls fussing and fighting.  We catch up on all types of things…

he’ll be like, “oh by the way did I tell you…”

and I’m like “no way, can’t believe you didn’t tell me that”‘

and he’ll say “that’s right I started to but then”…(fill in the blank-a kid cried, Savannah pooped, etc, etc).

We’ll do this back and forth all night, realizing that we really don’t get to talk but for maybe a total of 30 minutes every day and most of that is probably kid stuff.

Sooooo, I said all that to say that WE LOVE DATE NIGHT!!!

This week we took a stroll in a shwanky part of Atlanta known as Virginia Highlands.  We walked down about 2 blocks and visited the cutest little stores and shops I’ve ever seen.  I fell in LOVE with this place and wished we could live there sooo bad!!!  It’s the most perfect little neighborhood.  It’s something right out of a sweet little movie-where people walk their dogs, kids ride their bikes, music plays in the background and a bell rings every time the door to a cute little shop opens.

Anyhow, here are some pictures!

0141First we went to Alon’s bakery.  It was such a quaint place.  I got a cherry muffin.  Shaun had a slice of apple cake.  But the best was the marbled pound cake we took home.

0151Shaun eating his apple cake.  So much fun to eat dessert first!

0161Then we drove down the street a little.  I was teasing him in this pic b/c he had to get out of the car to let me parallel park. (He taught me to drive when I was 16.  Now I’m better than him).

0181This is us having dinner at some place called Highlad Tap.  It’s an underground restaurant that offered a lot of privacy.  And they have the best burger I’ve ever had!!! (except Shaun’s grilled turkey burger)

0171This is a picture of our appetizer.  It was bar-b-que shrimp over conrbread….yummmoo!  It was sooo good.

020And this is a picture of Savannah 🙂 She’s such a good girl.  She pretty much sleeps through all of our dates.

We also visited an ‘artful food‘ shop that sold all manor of strange food, but was very pretty. And also a gift boutique that mostly sold unique gifts for kids (mostly girl stuff).  Of course I bought something for the girls (the best little dress up doll that came with fabric and patterns to make her clothes).  We even found something fun for the little man.

This was my favorite date so far.  These times are so important for us.  They make room for the days (like today) when we don’t get along so well 🙂


6 Responses to “Date Night”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    Sunday evenings are our date night. I love date nights. Its one of the few times I get to just chill and hang out with Marc. Now sometimes the girls are with us, or every once in a while its another couple. At first I had this bright idea that we wouldn’t talk about the kids, or church. But I have learned to face the fact that we are both church junkies, so we might as well talk about what we love. LOL

  2. Avril Says:

    I love Virginia Highlands! I used to live over there for about 3 years. I like where I live now but nothing beats the neighborhood feel of that place. Glad you had a good time!

  3. raitking Says:

    We are the same way…talking about church and kids…now that I’m not working, there’s really not much else for me to add to the conversation other than kids and church…no more juicy co-worker stories…only Maury’s DNA test results…j/k…I don’t really watch that stuff 😉

  4. estherowens Says:

    It’s great that you guys are able to go out every week. We wanted to do the same thing but something always come up 😦

  5. cynthia-wife of pastor in tx Says:

    i just came across your blog…all i needed was a cup of coffee- you are so funny…i have 3 children 6, 3, and 2 and have yet to find a babysitter i trust which has been hard…i felt a little like weeping to see you both eating dessert….the kids have supersonic hearing at the house at the mere opening of a hershey’s kiss..ugh. We drive long distances to have somewhat uninterrupted conversations….driving knocks everyone out…yes! May God bless you continually- your marriage, your babies, and your post baby body (you are a very beautiful woman…don’t be too hard on yourself)

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