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Kingteam Family Night- Spring! April 16, 2009

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This is over a week late.  We’ve already had another once since this.  I will make this short and post the other in a couple of days.

Our theme was spring.  Here’s what we did:

004We made rice krispy treats shaped like easter eggs.  Never made them from scratch before…easy and yummo!

006Then we dipped them in chocolate.

007Then we rolled them in sprinkles!  Everything about sprinkles makes kids happy!

0082Ezekiel kept stealing the sprinkles off of the krispy treats.

009Finished product.  We set these in the fridge to set.  Man, they were too good! I ate waaay to many.

012Next, we planted organic cucumber seeds into an egg carton.  Once they sprout you’re supposed to be able to separate the egg holders and put them directly into the ground.  Don’t think we did such a good job w/water and soil.  It’s been over a week, and so far, nothing yet.

018We sat down to dinner and read scripture about Easter.  Sometimes we assume that because our kids go to church they understand all the different stories of the bible and “holidays” associated with them.  But I realized that Kendi had the Christmas story (Jesus’ birth) and the Easter story (His resurrection) mixed up. Shaun also taught us how the Easter bunny and Easter eggs came to be a part of the tradition.

017I hid eggs and everyone had to find one.  Even Shaun got in on the action!

022Once they found their eggs, everyone got a prize.  Eze and Shaun got bubbles in the shape of a duck (Eze’s ended up spilled all over his bed).  Kendi and Tae go hot cocoa mix with chocolate pieces and pastel colored marshmallows.

Educational, and tasty….And fun was had by all!


2 Responses to “Kingteam Family Night- Spring!”

  1. adam Says:

    yall sure do have some beautiful children!!

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