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Community April 14, 2009

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Wow! I just left a meeting with a really nice couple who are looking for childcare for their youngest son. I just had the idea yesterday to keep 1 or 2 kids in my home so that I could generate a bit of income and still be with my own kids. And out of nowhere (well Craigslist actually) I’ve already hooked up with this family and their little boy will start tomorrow.
They just moved here from out of state  to open a new hotel in downtown Atlanta. It seems they didn’t know many people, and childcare in this area is OUTRAGEOUS!!   The mother is a mom of 4 just like me, and was a bit apprehensive about leaving her baby boy with a stranger (who wouldn’t be).   Plus I’d be introducing someone new into my home and was a little apprehensive myself.   After emailing back and forth a few times and checking out each other’s internet pages, we decided to meet.
I was surprised at how easy going we were with one another. It was almost like we were already girlfriends who could have talked forever about this and that. And our boys played together right away.
It got me thinking about the idea of community. And how when God has destined certain people to be in one another’s lives, things like distance, time, or familiarity don’t even matter.
I am so happy to be able to put this mother at ease and care for her precious little boy during this time of transition for she and her family. We all need each other and are at our best when we step outside of our comfort zones and embrace new people and new opportunities.


One Response to “Community”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    See, I knew you would figure out how to make this at home thing work for you.

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