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Family Night #3- Camp Night April 7, 2009

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Soo a few years ago we decided we’d like to try camping.  So for Christmas Shaun’s family bought us a bunch of camping stuff (tent, lamp, knives, etc.).  Well it was a nice thought, but we never went.  That January I found out I was pregnant (with my main man Eze), and camping was out of the question.  Truthfully it was probably always out of the question.

So in thinking of a family night, I thought camping would be fun….INDOORS of course! The 6 man tent was enormous in my little urban living room.  But the kids had a BLAST, and said it was the best family night so far!

0081This is a picture of Shaun putting the tent together.  It took him 2 HOURS!!! He insisted on “being at one” with the directions-even though they were partly in FRENCH!  It was pretty self explanatory, and a little trial and error would have solved any problems in 30 minutes.


Shaun grilled hot dogs (camp food right?) and Brats…yummo!  I made broccoli, corn, and rice as sides.  Nothing to do with camping, but we needed veggies on those plates!  Oh, the little girl on the right is my niece Sakiah.

014After dinner we all played Uno.  Eze is not naked.  He is just in his uniform- underwear.

015Kendi ALWAYS wins…she’s brutal!

016We did a little improvising with the marshmallow roasting 🙂  Still over an open fire…still good!

019We did a smores tasting.  I made three different types of smores..regular, banana (slices of banana in between the marshmallow and chocolate), and cherry (same as banana, but with cherries). We then rated each on a scale of 1-5.  I think 1 was- worst thing I ever had in my life.  5 was-Delicioso!

Shaun tallied the voting sheets…..And the winner was…..A TIE!!…banana and cherry won…Shaun and Kendi LOVED the banana smore…me and Tae loved the Cherry…so it was a mathematical tie.

021The kids spent the night in the tent (all except Eze)….

And fun was had by ALL!!…tune in to see what we come up with next week folks!


2 Responses to “Family Night #3- Camp Night”

  1. Rindy Walton Says:

    Love the indoor camping! I’ve taken my guys camping since they were little–unbeatable family time. Looks like you did it up right!!

    Now, about the s’mores–banana? cherry? I’ve done hobo pies with those but s’mores?? Going to have to give those a try…but am thinking Reese’s peanut butter cup s’mores will always be the best!!!

  2. Cyndi Says:

    Love this. Wish these ideas had been around when my babies were little.

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