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God is Waking Me Up! April 5, 2009

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I have been waking up lately.  Sometimes at 3am, sometimes 5.  It’s not like me to do this.  I’m generally a really good sleeper.  Once I’m sleep, I’m sleep.  But also once I’m up, I’m up.  So if I toss or turn and my eyes open all the way, it doesnt’ matter what time it is, I’m up for an hour-at least.I’ve gotten up at least 2 nights every week for the last couple of weeks.

I’m taking this as a sign.

My days are so ridiculously busy that I forget more than I remember.  It’s crazy!  I don’t remember being this busy when I was working outside of the home every day.  I’m sure I was.  I just don’t remember.  Anyhow, I’m taking all this waking up as a sign that God wants to talk with me.  Pretending that I’m going to find time in the day to pray and read scripture is a joke.  I can’t even find the time to clip coupons and make my meal plan for the next two weeks-and I’ve been trying for 3 days now (meanwhile we’re wasting money eating out b/c I haven’t been to the grocery store…because I haven’t decided what to buy and what coupons to use..wild!). Middle of the night time is probably the best time for God and I.

Soooo I’ve grabbed my bible, I’ve prayed…God, I’m listening!


2 Responses to “God is Waking Me Up!”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    LOL, I had to laugh. I’ve been doing this for years. Thought it was my age. Never thought about the fact that God wanted to talk with me. 🙂 Thanks.

  2. suzqf Says:

    God wakes me up often through the night. I fight Him sometimes. I learned of your husband through streaming faith devotionals. you are truly blessed and I am praying for your family. you are a blessing to many people.

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