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10 Reasons I’m Lucky to be His Wife April 2, 2009

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The other day in a moment of pure love insanity I told Shaun that I loved him and was lucky to be his wife.  I’m a bit stingy with the “sweet nothings,” so my comment totally shocked him, and he wanted MORE.  He said, why don’t you tell me 10 reasons why.  I didn’t of course, because I wasn’t sure I could think of 10…lol

But I know he’s stressed about 10 million things, and maybe feeling just a little BLUE (although he’d never admit it), so I thought I’d think of 10 (even if I have to make some up)…here I go…love you dude!

1. Because you’re faithful…always have been, trusting you always will be

2. Because you love your children…in a way that’s gentle and reassuring

3. Because you’re driven…you never stop reaching for MORE…love that about you

4. Because you’re strong…not the muscle kind of strong (although you can open a jar of jam with the best of them)..but the steady, dependable, can get through anything kind of strong

5. Because you’re interesting…never a dull day with you baby!

6. Because you’re forgiving…of me and the entire world!

7. Because you’re a good provider…God’s got your back on this one…but you make His job easier by always being on top of things…I know it’s hard, and I appreciate you for it!

8. Because you don’t have all the answers, but sometimes you pretend to for my sake…may not be healthy, but it’s a genuine act of love…you protect me

9. Because you endure your constant pain without meanness, and with very few complaints…God bless you!

10. Because I hate that this is the last one….you give me so much to feel lucky about…

This was EASY!

Wanna share why you love your man,  or woman (in case there are any guys out there who actually read this blog)?


12 Responses to “10 Reasons I’m Lucky to be His Wife”

  1. Dion Evans Says:

    That was awesome Rai. Loved it. That can be SO encouraging to any spouse. Pretty cool.

  2. Whitney Wright Says:

    Aww that WAS awesome! I love my guy cuz he keeps trying, he’s forever funny, and he’s encouraging. He’s so smart and witty! He loves me even when i’m unlovable, which makes it so easy to respect him. he’s someone I can easily be proud of 🙂 GO RAI for thinking of this!

  3. Dawnia Says:

    So glad that you reposted this for more to see. That was beautiful!!!

  4. Wanda Says:

    Rai, this was so nice to read. It was the inspiration I needed after interfacing with less than impressive counterparts over the last few weeks. Its always nice to let people know how much you love them.

  5. suzqf Says:

    1. He is a gift from God.
    2. He endures much pain, and never lets anyone know.
    3. His spirit is pure, even on the days that the world is mean.
    4. He never seems to hold a grudge.
    5. He is an awesome man of God. An image of God in a fallen world. (that should have been #1)
    6. He is the strongest man I know.
    7. He acts like he doesn’t notice that I am crazy…(that’s a good one..)
    8. He endures my attitude.
    9. He is pretty… (easy on the eyes.. always a nice thing..)
    10. He is always positive.. (somedays I am a little negative…)

    • raitking Says:

      What a great post! When I read it, I said to myself ‘who is this and who is her husband?’ Sure sounds like a great man. Make sure your husband reads it.

  6. Traci Says:

    1. Because he’s SAVED!
    2. Because he encourages me even when he needs encouragement.
    3. Because he’s dependable. ALWAYS.
    4. Because he’s got a great work ethic.
    5. Because he tells me he loves me regularly.
    6. Because he admits his faults.
    7. Because he loves his mother (if a man don’t love his mama, he can’t love you!)
    8. Because he loves our two boys and TELLS them regularly.
    9. Because he always puts me and the kids first.
    10. Because, in the words of Aretha: he comes home in the evening, moving slow, but girl I’m here to tell you the man can GO, GO, GO…He’s the Right Man for me! 🙂

  7. T. L. Says:

    inspiring…i love to see REAL love in action…powerful thank you for that post

  8. EL Says:

    I absolutely loved this…It’s so encouraging…I’m holding out for this type of love…I expect God to provide nothing less…and seeing you women love your men and obviously being loved by them in this way…lets me know…it’s not naivete…this type of love does exist…Praise God!

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