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Family Night #2: Movie Night March 29, 2009

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This is long past due for posting.  We had our second family night last Tuesday, but left for a visit “back home” (Kentucky) on Wednesday, so I haven’t had time to post the pics.  I LOVE this family night thing…movie night was fun!

Here’s what we did:

030We don’t have a flat screen TV to go over the fire place.  We want one really bad, but don’t have that kind of cheese (money).  So, we have to watch television in our room (there’s a small tv in Eze’s room for the kids to share too).  So the girls made this sign and put it on the outside of our bedroom door.  It says:  Welcome to the movies.  Now playing: Bolt.

032I had the idea for us to watch the movie in the car like we were at a drive-in, but our car (a Pacifica)  is too small and our family too big.  The kids spread out towels on our bedroom floor instead.  On the menu was nacho’s (in the pan like at the movies), popcorn, a rare cup of soda (whole foods brand of course…no HFCS nor color additives), and an even more rare box of movie candy (courtesy of Wal-Mart).

036Of course the kids’ favorite part was the candy and popcorn.  Tae picked out Whoppers (unfortunately my fave too…I ate most of them myself), Kendi had gummy jolly ranchers, I had M&M’s, and Shaun had Reese’s Cups, Ezekiel had some of EVERYTHING.  He was sooo wired by bed time.  It reminded me why I never give them candy (that and the cavities of course).  I had to go to 2 different targets to find those popcorn boxes.  It was worth it though..they were so cute.

037Shaun with his King Sized Reese’s Cups…they’re his favorite.

Bolt was a really cute movie. Fun was had by all!

Ideas for this week?  Tae suggested a Walt Disney night. Have no idea what you do with that.  She’s been into Walt Disney facts lately…not sure where that came from.  We’ll have to see what we come up with.


7 Responses to “Family Night #2: Movie Night”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    I love movie nights. I do it with my girls at least once a month or so.

  2. Michele Says:

    Sounds fun…can’t wait to start doing the Family Nights (plan to start in the Summer).

    Hmmmm Tae into Disney facts…sounds like the Holy Spirit prompting her hearts desire for ya’ll to join us on a trip to Disney World. Wow look how God’s speaks and confirms!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hope Craig Says:

    Hey Rai! You should buy the Scene It DVD Game, Disney Version. We have the original Scene It and LOVE It. The Disney one would be a good one for the game collection and you could have a family game night.

    • raitking Says:


      Thanks! Someone else told me about this. I think they have a trial of it on On Demand with Comcast. This week we’ll do a spring theme. Maybe next week I’ll plan for Disney.

  4. Ieda Says:

    Love this!

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