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Buncha Stuff Sunday March 22, 2009

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*What a busy week!

*Kendi had a birthday (she turned 7, or was it 17?), started her 4th season of soccer, and had a girlfriend spend the weekend

*I hosted our first official family night, and planted a flower garden.  I spent a total of 6 hours outside one day to plant a little rinky-dink garden that may or may not grow.  My thumb is not green, but I really enjoy planting stuff.  At the end of that day though I was more sore than any work out I have ever done.  Who knew gardening could be so strenuous!

*I’m getting more involved at the Courageous Church...this week I attended our weekly service planning meeting, practiced and sang with the praise team, and filmed the video announcements…FUN stuff

*Eze has been sooo moody all week…just 2 year old blues?…I can’t take the fits, he’s about to catch a MAJOR beat down

*SHOUT OUT to my girl Taeyonna…she brought home a progress report this week and brought her math grade up from an embarrassing “F” (never had one of those in her life) to a respectable “B”…YOU GO GIRL!

*Realized my blog doesn’t have one pic of my baby girl Savannah...tomorrow I will devote an entire post to her using my fave pics of the little darling 🙂

*Trying to get Shaun up so that he can pat and grill some turkey burgers…the boy is BAAAAD on the grill

*About to play Barbies with Kendi…she’s a girl after my own heart…I was a total Barbie fanatic until I was like 14!!  Still collect them even now 🙂

*Looking forward to getting out of town for a few days later this week….taking Savannah to meet the rest of the family in KY….tata for now!


3 Responses to “Buncha Stuff Sunday”

  1. […] PS – My wife has a great blog post up about our weekend here! […]

  2. Cyndi Says:

    Yeah!! Saw Shaun’s post and had to come here and read. I’m so happy for you all. Will be in Atlanta in August. If Shaun can put up with this old traditional couple would love to holla at you all before we head for Alabama.

    • raitking Says:

      Hey Cyndi!
      Shaun and I would be honored to spend some time with you and your husband. It’s because of “old and traditional” folk that both of us are saved right now! I understand the need to do things in a new, fresh way to reach a new generation, but I’ll never be down on my old school upbringing. I miss it sometimes. There’s nothing like a good hymn or spiritual to put you in touch with God! I still sing them around my house! The new church has much to learn from those like you and your husband. Can’t wait to meet you!
      Oh, and sorry about the “this lady” reference in the other post. I didn’t know it sounded old 🙂

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