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St. Patrick’s Day: King Team Style March 18, 2009

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A couple of days ago I blogged about not being a stay at homer.  The whole missing my job thing was really bothering me.  I talked to my pastor about it, and he really encouraged me (I’m talking about Shaun by the way).  He told me to try applying all the energy I use to put into my job into creating a fun, learning environment for our kids.  This lady here also gave me some advice along the same lines.  She said that nothing is stopping me from “teaching” at home (I’m no homeschooler though…for sure).

Sooooo….I said all that to say that I was inspired by this woman to create a family night once a week.  I began tonight with a St. Patrick’s day dinner.  It was AWESOME! I’ve pasted pictures below with descriptions.


We began by decorating the room a little.  I couldn’t find a green table cloth, so we used Easter grass (available everywhere this time of year).  We also colored and cut out green shamrocks and taped them to the chandelier.

010014I bought plastic beer mugs from Target’s dollar section.  We filled them with green powerade.  Refreshing!

011For dinner there was Beef skewers with corn, peppers, mushrooms, and onions (nothing to do with Ireland), green broccoli, and chicken and garlic rice (again nothing to do with Ireland.  was supposed to be dyed green, but I forgot to purchase the dye).

0171For dessert there was vanilla ice cream with a slice of lime with green pop rocks (the packaging was deceiving, the poprocks were actually pink!) Though they were the wrong color, they were SOOOO much fun to eat!  They all loved the sensation of the candy popping in their mouths…what a neat sensory experience.  The lime was just for garnish, but my kids don’t know anything about that because they all ate the lime….eeeeww!

016All the kids received green gifts.  Ezekiel got a green bottle of bubbles, Kendi got a green jump rope (she has been on a major quest to improve her jump roping skills), and Taeyonna received a green whoopi cushion (bad idea…all the kids-including Shaun-have been fake farting all night.

007We found Ireland on the girls’ Bratz globe and marked it with a shamrock.  Did you know it’s an island?

During dinner we went over some information I found about the history of St. Patrick and the history of the holiday.  This little lesson was Shaun’s favorite part.  We all learned a lot.

Then we learned about limericks.  We read some and then created one of our own. Here it goes:

We all sat down to dinner

I told Shaun he couldn’t twitter

He asked “why not”

“Because your dinner is hot”

And plus your head will get bigger ( last line added by Kendi)

Our first official family night was a BLAST! Can’t wait for next week’s theme…any suggestions?


6 Responses to “St. Patrick’s Day: King Team Style”

  1. Angela Says:

    I LOVE it! Especially the limerick. 😉

    Looks like the King Team had a good time for St. Paddy’s Day — thanks for sharing it!

  2. Cyndi Says:

    Good for you. I had this long response to that post but never got a chance to send it to you. Sounds like Shaun gave you the same advice anyway. By the way when I saw “this lady” I thought please don’t let that be me, makes me feel old (lol). I look forward to seeing more of your family night pictures. Have a great time.

  3. Chandra Says:

    Congratulations on your Family Night! Great idea! I know your children feel special. May God work in your life to let you know how special and significant you are in the place/space/role He has blessed you to be in at this time. One day you will look back and say I got to do it all (career, the family, the ministry), not all at the same time, but you did get to do it, just the same:)! You are a blessed woman!


  4. jinean Says:

    Wow! Really cool!! that sounds like soooo much fun!!! it’s funny how when you put all your energies into where God has you at a particular moment in your life–despite where you “think” you should be or be doing. You realize, this is actually pretty darn cool, not half bad atall:P! Have fun exploring this new chapter lady!!!

  5. danielle Says:

    Movie night! You all can pick out a movie and have pop corn and all that good stuff! Scavenger Hunts are fun too! Maybe even have a night where EVERYONE helps to cook dinner. I learned that just the small things really excite little kids. Shoot… Have chore night! I’m sure it won’t be clean to your standards but it will give them a sense of accomplishment as well as family time too!

  6. raitking Says:

    Thanks for the ideas…they were good. We are doing Movie Night tonight…should be fun!

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