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Buncha Stuff Sunday March 16, 2009

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Savannah is very fussy, so this will be short.

*Sang in church today for the first time in years..LOVED it

*Cooked a pretty good dinner...oven fried chicken (good flavors, but burned a little on the bottom-told you I can’t cook), corn pudding (tasted good, weird texture though), and greens (don’t get too excited, they were from a can)

*I can’t bake!! My from scratch desserts are always a MAJOR flop!  From now on I’m going semi-homemade like Sandra Lee

*I always have all types of plans for what I’m going to do once Shaun and I relax for the night, but by the time the kids are bathed and in bed, and Savannah is resting, it’s 10:30, and we’re both pooped!

*Trying constantly to help Shaun think and work through some things at the church w/o seeming like I’m trying to take over…read this blog post by another pastor’s wife that was really helpful on this subject

* I love the Courageous Church…don’t get me wrong, church planting is nerve wrecking…but I love what God has allowed my husband to build so far..honored to be a part of it

*The team at Courageous gave us the funniest “happy baby” card today…will take a pic and post…LOVE those people!

*Motherhood is calling….Over and Out!


5 Responses to “Buncha Stuff Sunday”

  1. […] Oh yeah…My beautiful wife blogged about today here on her blog. […]

  2. Andy McMahon Says:

    Oven Fried chicken is the best when it’s a little burnt on the bottom!

    I’m happy for you guys over at courageous! I’m glad to see so much focus lately on Atlanta~ So much to come. You guys keep it up~

  3. Cyndi Says:

    Good for you on the singing. Pray for me, I’m not there yet. Its been a long time. Seems like I lost some of the confidence I use to have to be able to sing in front of people. Or I passed it all on to my daughter (LOL, may even be an age thing). She doesn’t lack in the confidence dept. at all!

  4. Deneen Gillespie Says:

    Hi there,

    I love your post. Honest and true. I frequent (Pastor) Shaun’s site and I stay in awe of what God is doing in your ministry. I am from Chicago and our church, Chosen Tabernacle is doing similar things. The next time I am in ATL – I am definitely going to visit!

    Much Love,

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