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Countdown to Launch….Day 1 January 11, 2009

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number-11Today in the life of our launch:

Family stuff: I know it’s a big leap from day 6 to day 1, but things have been a little bit crazy.  Kendi is back and forth, up and down with this illness.  I know it’s an attack from the enemy of my soul.  But he’s small, and God is BIG and I refuse to give him any air time.  So I’ll just say thank you for your prayers, and I know my baby’s healing is just right around the corner.  I’m not the spooky, spiritual type, but I believe in spiritual warfare and I know that’s what this is.  It’s tearing me up that it’s my baby who’s suffering, but her name Kendi Njera King means that she is the spriritually annointed daughter of a warrior.  So me and her daddy and a whole host of others out there will continue to war on her behalf!

Church stuff: We launch tomorrow!!! OMG….after all this build up, talk, preparation, etc. the day is finally here.  Surprisingly, I’m not even nervous.  I will be in the morning, I’m sure.  But at this point it’s all in God’s hands.

There were a lot of last minute preparations that had to be taken care of.  We needed offering baskets and almost didn’t get them except that the great people at Buckhead Church have come through for us once again. They also provided some dividers for our children’s ministry area that we mistakenly thought we could purchase today.  There were other odds and ends that got taken care of as well.  So many people are working so hard!

I was not able to attend any of the rehearsals due to Kendi not feeling well.  I was really bummed about that!  To my great satisfaction, though, everything seems to be coming together anyway-without me.  That sounds ridiculous I know.  But I’m the type of person that likes to see stuff organized and put together and sometimes I get it in my mind that something “needs” me to work.  It’s actually a relief to see that that’s not actually true.

I’ve been reflecting on our team. We started trying to build a team months and months ago…like in June.  I’m amazed that none of the people I thought would be so needed and so intrical  are around at all.  Builiding a good team use to be what stressed me the most.  I always felt like there weren’t enough people, there weren’t the right people, etc.  But here just over the last month God has brought people on board that are just who we needed. That is amazing to me!  From singers, to greeters, to children’s ministry workers, it’s all come together quite suddenly-and all from nothing!  I don’t even know most of these people.  But they saw a vision and believed in it enough to actually role up their sleeves and do something to help.  I am so eternally grateful for that!


2 Responses to “Countdown to Launch….Day 1”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    Isn’t God amazing? I can’t wait to hear how the day went.

  2. Amy Harris Says:

    Hi Rai, i’ve been following Shaun’s blog via Carlos Whittaker for a few months and just now realized that you have a blog as well. I will be praying for you and your family and can’t wait to see what God has in store for CC and for all of you.

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