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Countdown to launch…Day 8 January 4, 2009

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confused-monkeyToday in the life of our launch:

Today was a weird day.  Lots of ups and downs.  First of all, Kendi had a very rough night.  Her doctor suggested round the clock tylenol and maalox to try to relieve her symptoms.  It has definitely helped, but not alleviated the pain completely.  Last night she cried, tossed, and turned all night.  She woke at 3am and could not sleep for 2 hours.

I am glad to say that today during the day was a much better day for her.  She was out of the bed and played with her siblings most of the day.  Tonight has started to be rough again though.  I just wish we had some answers. She is a very healthy child-and is NEVER sick.  This whole episode really has me baffled.  Anyhow, thanks for your continued prayers.

Here we go:

#1– I awoke early in spite of my lack of sleep to meet our children’s ministry director at the best free office space in town: IKEA.  Well I should say former director.  I awoke this morning to the news that due to the instability of the economy, she will be moving back to her hometown to stay with family and save money.  Did I mention that she will be moving in about a week! My heart dropped as soon as Shaun told me.  I don’t mind doing CM myself.  I’ve done it for years now.  But I will be leaving to have the baby in 3 weeks!!! So someone other than me has to be there to oversee it.  The good thing though is that she will remain until we launch next week and will continue to help put together and train the team.  We had a very productive meeting this morning and even purchased  a number of the items from IKEA that will make the “dungeonesk” space at Center Stage more kid friendly (that was the fun part).

#2Another weird thing happened.  One of the girls who had asked to be able to move into the townhouse the church is renting (as compensation to staff we could not otherwise afford to have) decided that her room was too small and she would not move in after all.  This completely baffles me.  She’s a college student living on basically nothing right now, and is being a diva about the size of her living space in a very swanky area of town that most kids her age would give their right arm for.  What is up with that? I’m just baffled.

#3- The good news is that God always has a ram in the bush, as they say.  I asked Shaun to call a certain young woman who had expressed interest in the opportunity to move into the town home a while ago.  By then, we had already guaranteed the three spaces to other women, and so could not offer it to her.  This really vexed Shaun as he felt she was an adult of good character and has shown great commitment to the launch team.  Well when we found out about the CM director moving away, she was the first person who came to my mind as a possible replacement.  And then when the room in the townhouse became available, it made absolute perfect sense to offer it to her with serving as CM director being her assignment!

I’m learning not to be so swayed by the ups and downs of this thing.  People will come and people will go.  We just have to trust that if this vision is indeed from God (and I believe will all my heart that it is), then He will be faithful to provide for it-even when it looks like the opposite is taking place!


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