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Key Lime Cake and Spelman Sisters October 30, 2008

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Clearly I’m getting worse and worse at blogging.  I’ve gone from every day, to twice a week, to almost never.  I think I’m realizing that I’m just not that interesting and don’t have that much to talk about.  I really only had just a few hot button issues.  I’ve used them all, and now there’s just my busy, momish life.

I am glad to say though, that this past weekend I had a brief reprieve from the Mommy, Mrs. King, Wifey routine.  This past weekend was the Spelhouse homecoming (Spelman College and Morehouse College) and I spent the entire weekend out on the town with my girlfriends….my wonderfully beautiful, successful girlfriends…yay me!!

College can be really amazing, or really suck for some people.  For me, it was both at times, but mostly amazing!  Spelman College is a private college for African-American women founded in 1881 as a Baptist seminary.  It is a special place that promotes pride and sisterhood among young women. Like most things though I didn’t know how special it was until it was over.  I was reminded again this weekend.

In college I got my first introduction to the world as an adult.  During this time I made HUGE mistakes (money, relationships, grades, etc.), but also really grew as a person, and found one of my great passion’s in life…children.  There every step of the way were a group of girls that I still love deeply to this day.  Here’s a shout out to each of them:

Kre- My #1! She is Kendi’s godmother and on her way to being a great doctor.  She’s from Alabama and is country as can be.  She is very well known for her “backwoods bama” sayings.  One that sticks out is when she was describing the way another of our friends snuck back into the dorm room after a late night out.  She said “Girl, Kim came in here last night like a mouse tiptoeing on cotton.”  Hillarious!  Kre knows everybody’s business, and is the reason we all still keep in touch today.

Tiffany Wilson (or Posey as she was known then)- She skipped a year in high school, and so was the baby of the group.  I’ll never forget the first thing Tiffany said when she met me.  She stopped me in the dorm hallway and said “Oh my gosh, you are so pretty.” It really struck me at the time, because I felt the complete opposite.  Here I was this poor, country bumpkin who got into Spelman by the skin of my teeth with outdated clothes on and hair I did myself.  I was there all alone (Shaun drove me down from Kentucky and moved me in).  I felt so out of place!  Her compliment was so unexpected and so very sweet…just like her!

Sam- My partner in crime! Sam was one of my two roommates freshman year.  She has a great sense of humor and we had a blast together!  Unfortunately, she knows all of my dirt…thank God I’m a different person now!  And hooray for her, she just passed the bar in Chicago!

Kim– My other roommate.  She couldn’t join us this weekend (she’s in the family way like me, and couldn’t travel).  Kim is one of a kind!  We have so many jokes about her…like the weirdo boyfriend she had that none of us liked, or the way she would use two fingers to slowly lotion her entire body after a shower.  It took her forever to get ready to go out!  Another funny thing I’ll never forget:  She was really struggling with a recent break up.  She went home to Warner Robbins, Georgia to visit her family and was lamenting to them her heartache.  She came back and told us she was appalled at the insensitivity of her grandmother who told her she needed to ‘build a bridge and get over it.’ Go grandma!

Tiffany Walker- She took over my old bed after I moved out to live with Shaun (one of those HUGE mistakes I referenced earlier).  Of all of us, I would have expected her to end up on the show the “Desperate Housewives of Atlanta” because she always dated the high profile guys.  One thing I always appreciated about her was her brutal honesty.  She also couldn’t join us this year…busy presenting her abstract for her PhD…see you next year Doctor!

Terry- Ok, at first I didn’t like Terry.  I felt like she took my best friend away (Sam).  But she’s actually a beautiful woman who is well on her way to a career in medicine.  Good luck girl!

Dea- An adopted member of Abby Hall (the dorm where we all met).  One word to describe Dea is wholesome. She is a really good Christian girl who we all met through Kre.  Dea lovingly served as the “chaffeur” this weekend….thanks girl!

Two things I learned this weekend: Atlanta has a happening night life!  No wonder people are moving here in droves…and my husband doesn’t know what to do with himself when his wife is out past midnight two nights in a row. Thanks dear for holding down the kids.  I won’t ask you to babysit again until homecoming next year…well actually, don’t hold me to that.

Oh…and the key lime cake was from a late night dessert we had at Cafe Intermezzo….my favorite…yummmo!


6 Responses to “Key Lime Cake and Spelman Sisters”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    Here I go butting in again. And I know you don’t know me from adam (or eve). There are no rules to blogging. Blog when you want, how you want and as often or as little as you want. When I started blogging I was one of the few African American women that I knew about who did it. I blogged anyway (about my kids, life, church, some issues I felt strongly about and sometimes about nothing in particular. Its been a great outlet for me. I have met some great people through my blog, when I went looking for a pastors wife viewpoint on ministry and how it effects their life I had to dig deep to find good examples and resources. I look forward to seeing and learning from you and Shaun as you build up God’s Kingdom.

  2. LaNeitria Says:

    It’s great that you had a good time….we all need balance in our lives. You got me wishing that I had gone to a HBCU….as an Alabamian born and raised I know all about the “mouse tiptoeing on cotton.“ Hey gotta love your southern gals!! LOL

  3. Brook Says:

    I am an old school Spelmanite (c/o ’88) who found you and your husband’s blogs by accident but have been hooked for a while. This post really made me smile because it so reminds me of my Spelman Sisters when we get together. Unfortunately I was out of town and could not hang with my girls this weekend, but we had a BLAST at our 20th reunion in May. I jokingly say that Reunion is every 5 years because that is how long it takes to recuperate, especially when you are as old as we are!

    I am so glad you got the chance to bask in some good ol’ Spelman love. You will be a better mommy, wife, teacher and YOU because of it!

  4. raitking Says:

    Don’t mind you “butting in.” No sense in blogging if you don’t want to hear what other people have to say. The fact of the matter is that I like your comments. You are a very wise lady!

  5. raitking Says:

    I’m so sorry you didn’t have the HBCU experience. Just picture the movie School Daze and you’re right there! Staring down my student loans I sometimes think it really wasn’t worth all the cost. I could have gotten a great education at a state school. But times like this past weekend help me feel it was worth it. I’m sure you still formed great relationships as well. I won’t be pushing Spelman on my girls…wherever their heart leads them…to each his (or her) own!

  6. raitking Says:

    Hey Spelman Sister! Just know that the tradition of true sisterhood continued with us and is hopefully continuing to this day! And you’re right, this weekend wore me out!!! Feel great though, and can’t wait to do it again!

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