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Buncha Stuff Sunday…church planting edition October 20, 2008

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*This Sunday we had another launch team gathering at our home.  It is interesting to me the mix of people that are coming together for these meetings.  I still have no idea what this church will look like.

*An interesting discussion arose between Shaun and I and a couple we are good friends with concerning how you handle sin issues among people who serve in your church.  Juicy huh?  I’ll have to blog about that in more detail later.

*This church planting thing really tests my faith.

*You have to believe that the vision you have is a vision from God.

*You have to believe that God will indeed send people who will get on board and help bring the vision to pass.

*You have to believe that the financing will come through.

*You have to believe that the right venue will come through.

*You have to believe that your husband is equipped to fulfill this dream he’s chasing.

*You have to believe that YOU-as the wife- are equipped to follow and lead alongside him (I still wonder if I am).

*You have to believe that the possibility of saving souls and leading people into meaningful relationship with Christ is worth the OVERWHELMING possibility of failure (this, surprisingly, is the easy part…attempting to follow what you see as the call of God is always worth any personal risk).

*You have to believe that your family can survive the strain-that God will keep you and your children safely in his hands.

Speaking of this, I was so proud of my girls today.  They were the only kids at the meeting because most 27 and 29 year olds don’t have children, and if they do, they’re not as numerous nor as old as ours.

This gathering consumed the entirety of our day.  And once I sent the girls to bed and cleaned the mess left behind, I realized I hadn’t properly talked to them or kissed them goodnight.  I realized they had entertained themselves for the majority of the day, and they had been mostly like shadows.  I must admit it made me very, very sad for them.  They had been so gracious and understanding, and didn’t give us one bit of trouble.  They are really good girls, and I thank God for them.

I want my children to always know that they are more important to us than any mission or goals of our own-even a church plant.  So, I went to their room and saw that they weren’t yet sleeping.  I hugged and kissed them and thanked them for cleaning their room, and for being so polite and respectful, and for sharing their home and parents with a bunch of strangers for the day.  I could tell it meant a lot to them, and it made me feel better too.

We always ask the question: What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?  As church planters we should also be careful to ask what it profits a man to gain other souls, but lose those of his own children?  God forbid, this will not be our testimony!  Call me selfish, but I would not trade 10,000 souls for one of theirs.  I guess this is why God sent Jesus to die on the cross, and not me.


2 Responses to “Buncha Stuff Sunday…church planting edition”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. So many times spiritual leaders try to make it seem that they have all the answers. Keep realizing your weaknesses, but keep making them strong through faith in God. After all if we have God’s power that is all we need.

    I follow you and Shaun on Twitter. I do not agree with all of your political views. But whatever the outcome of the election at hand, with Christians like you and Shaun praying for the leadership of our country, it will have to make a difference no matter who is elected.

    I keep praying for the two of you, your family, starting the Courageous Church, and winning souls to Christ.
    Bless you!

  2. Mom Says:


    I agree with Kathleen. Many time spiritual leaders get burned out because they try to be so tough, and try to have all the answers! God knew He was using humans for ministry–with all their frailities and faults. Always remember that you were called to be Pastor Shaun’s wife, and don’t forsake your own ministry. I know your strength, and I know the deepness of your love for the kids. No mother is perfect–we’re just the perfect one for the children God has given us. The girls will always appreciate your for the time you took to love on them and talk with them last night.

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