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Buncha Stuff Sunday…Usher Raymond edition October 13, 2008

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* Yesterday the most exciting thing happened….I saw Usher Raymond (the fabulously talented, ultra sexy superstar) in person.  My best friend’s daughter had a birthday dinner at CPK on Piedmont Ave.  As luck would have it our table was right next to his.  And ladies I am happy to report that he is every bit as fine in person as he is on t.v.  I am ashamed to say that the sight of him did give me hot flashes and I was dying to touch the man. But then his pregnant wife showed up, and all those fiery thoughts went quickly away.

*I told Shaun I had been a fan of his since I was like 12.  But then he asked me if I’d ever bought one of his albums, and I had to admit I hadn’t (mainly because I rarely buy any albums).  So we agreed that I had lusted after him since I was 12, but couldn’t really call myself a true fan.

*I’ve made a commitment to start cooking more.  Between our monstrous grocery budget ($600+ a month) and our several day a week eating out habit, my family spends waaaay too much money on food.

*I’ve worked all weekend on coupon clipping, meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking, and I think I QUIT!  I’ve spent hours in the kitchen today all for an ok breakfast (tried some new whole grain pancakes…thumbs down), a pretty good dinner, and a FAILED, HORRIBLE dessert.

*I found a really wholesome apple cranberry crisp dessert recipe at  I followed all the directions to a T, and had a feeling while putting it together that something wasn’t right. The darn thing called for 6 cups of pastry flour, but had no requirement for liquid to be mixed in.  I know enough about cooking to know this didn’t make sense.  Anywho, I was right.  The daggone thing was completely dry.  I don’t have time (nor money) for failed food projects!

*We have family in from out of town.  It’s Shaun’s brother and his family.  We call them the Tennessee Kings. They are actually courageous (or crazy) enough to move their entire family down here to Atlanta to help us with this church plant!  This is amazing to me.  They are here for a few days to look for a house.  And this is what God can do…even in this terrible economy they had an offer on their own house less than a week after putting it on the market!

*Shaun and I are having some pointed-yet very civil-disagreements on some things regarding the church.  I will say this, I am NOT a church planter. And half the time I don’t even think I’m very courageous. It’s actually like some kind of cruel joke that God would give me a husband who wants to do this.  It goes against everything that makes me comfortable.  I am trying so hard to stay on board though.  I love the boy, so I’ll follow him pretty much anywhere….pretty much 🙂


6 Responses to “Buncha Stuff Sunday…Usher Raymond edition”

  1. kristyblack Says:

    Hey Rai, as for the coupon cutting…I use a system at It takes a little time at first going through registrations with a couple coupon sites and figuring out the coupon database. But I’ve been doing it for about a month and it really works and saves us lots of grocery money. It gets easier with practice, but every week I end up with items that are almost free or much cheaper than I’ve ever paid for them before. I’ve gotten our family down to less than $100/week.

  2. indulf Says:

    kristy has been on a food $$ saving kick lately too.

    first, we don’t shop @ whole foods. im still not convinced you can save money shopping there!! tell shaun to get off his rear and write up that post he’s been promising us for so long..

    second, kristy gets copies of the sunday paper and has had GREAT success with a website called . she also uses, where you can show the clerks coupons on your cell phone and they’ll enter them in. how cool is that?

    third, we’re cutting the eating out to an absolute minimum. i’m still trying to lose weight, and we want to save $$$, so this will help.

    check out another blog/site called “grocery cart challenge” – some lady feeds her whole family (pretty well according to my wife) for $50/week. very cool.

    good luck!!

  3. raitking Says:

    Hey Black Family!- Thanks for your tips. Kristy, I got a good deal of my coupons this week from I had seen the website a while ago, but got discouraged by all the time it took to register and learn the site (I was doing it from work). But after seeing her on Oprah last week, I decided to give it another shot and had better success. Perhaps the most helpful thing I learned was to combine in store sales with coupons I already have. This seems to save a ton. I haven’t mastered getting things free yet. Looking forward to that!

    One of my friends ran into a lady at the grocery store who had an amazing cut in her grocery bill right before my friend’s eyes. The woman told her she throws coupon parties that show women how to do what she does and they even have a craft session where she shows them how to make and organize coupon binders. If we can ever get it together to have her do a party for us, I’ll be sure to invite you.

    Adam- What is indulf?…You should give wholefoods another try. You’re right, you don’t save on everything, but there are a few items that are worth the trip. I don’t know if this was something Shaun was supposed to blog about, but I’ll blog about it right now so you’ll know.

  4. kristyblack Says:

    Hey, I’d be interested in the coupon party. Let me know if you do it. I went to Whole Foods this week and did really well. I got some Cliff Kids snacks to try too.

  5. katrinad Says:

    If it makes you uncomfortable then it is definatley a GOD sized vision….so stay on board!

  6. Cindy Says:

    Wow!! I just read your hubby story and read some of your blogs. You guys are great!! Wow!! I am inspired.

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