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Can’t Name Her Savannah October 2, 2008

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I was thinking about the new baby’s name today, and decided to look up the meaning.  I knew it had something to do with a type of land.  But I was reeeaaallly hoping for more than that.  Look at the powerful names we’ve given our other two:

Kendi Njera King– Annointed daughter of a warrior (is that befitting or what?)

Ezekiel Shaun King-Chosen strength of God

So how, with names like that can I name my last born baby girl Savannah?  Know what it means?

Savannah-A treeless plain

That’s it.  No alternate meaning, no unknown origin.  Just a spanish name that means a field of nothingness basically.  So now I have a dilemma.  I LOVE the name.  It’s so southern and pretty.  Plus, Shaun and I love the city of Savannah.  It’s such a beautiful, mystical place.  But then again, it’s also a bit of a spooky, crazy place.  Not exactly the legacy I want to leave with my daughter.

I have other ideas, but no one likes them.  For instance, I’ve always LOVED the name Sadie.  Shaun thinks it’s way too old fashioned.  I also like the name Naomi.  It’s Shaun’s mom’s first name, and she hates it!

So what to do?  Change the name I’ve already grown attached to?  Or hope that maybe there’s not really much to a name anyway?


5 Responses to “Can’t Name Her Savannah”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    The most important thing is that God knew her even before she was formed in your womb. I remember the first time I heard that (really heard that) and it just amazed me. I actually like the name Savannah. And she can create her own definition of who Savannah is. A treeless plain is like a blank book waiting to be written, a free and open space. I lived in Kansas for two years and I was amazed by how the openess of the plain allowed me to see God’s country for miles, and how the sky was so expansive.

  2. Andy McMahon Says:

    I’m telling you.

    Adrienne is a beautiful name. 😉

    have a great day.

  3. raitking Says:

    Cyndi- Thanks for your comment. It really helps me to see her name in a different light. I like the idea of she and God creating the definition for who Savannah is. Thank you so much for your insights!

  4. raitking Says:

    Andy- You’re right. Adrienne is a beautiful name.

  5. IAD Says:

    Go Cyndi. I like the name too..not that it really matters.

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