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Kendi’s Breakthrough October 1, 2008

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Kendi said the most precious thing last week.  She came home from school and told Shaun that during her free time she had been thinking about baptism and had decided that it would be a good way to show people how much she loved Jesus!  Can you believe that?  She did this all on her own.

I still have reservations about her going forward though because I just don’t want her to feel pressured at all.  Part of me thinks she may still be too young.  I don’t want to be guilty of brainwashing my child.  Sometimes I wonder if accepting Christ is a decision best left to adulthood?

But then I also know Jesus said a few things about the innocence of children and how we must become like them to get into heaven, and that we must not prevent children from coming to him.  So maybe this is the perfect time for her to give her life to Christ.  She’s as trusting and innocent as can be and has no baggage about God like most of us adults do.  Maybe this is indeed the type of heart that God is really after?

I know I accepted Christ when I was around her age and it was a very heartfelt decision for me.  Clearly I haven’t been without mistake since then, but I have never waivered in my knowledge of God and belief in His work of salvation.  Even if I did blow in the wind a little bit, I think my early teaching kept me grounded.  Sooo, yeah, I think I just talked myself into it.  I think I’m comfortable with letting her go through the rest of the process.


One Response to “Kendi’s Breakthrough”

  1. ladebelle Says:

    she is soooo cute!

    and that is so awesome that she’s so young and knows what she wants for her spiritual self.

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