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Buncha Stuff Sunday September 29, 2008

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*It’s been a very good weekend.  I actually live for the weekends.  Our weeks are so hectic.


Shaun and I had an awesome date Saturday night!  He surprised me on our anniversary with tickets to Les Miserables at the Fox Theatre.  I love the theatre.  I did a lot of acting as a child at Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts.  The play was very moving, and the music and acting were amazing!  I don’t think I’ve ever heard people sing like that before.

* We barely made it on time b/c our sitter was a little late.  Why are sitters always late? She made it though, and the kids had a great time (shout out to my girl Keisha).  After she left Ezekiel kept running around the house saying “Keisha, pee-uw.” Not because she stinks, I’m sure 🙂  She had to change a stinky diaper of his and I guess that’s what she was saying to him.

*After the play we had dinner at a swanky seafood restaurant that just openend up downtown called Legal Seafood. Shaun took a picture of our meal. We had a most delicious cream crab soup (yum-o), stuffed baked lobster, and crab dip with some strange looking crackers that looked like styrofoam, but tasted really good.  The meal was topped off with one of the tastiest desserts ever…Georgia peach and pecan cobbler with vanilla bean ice-cream.  Again, YUUUUM-OOOO!!!

*A good tip: Shaun and I always share meals at expensive restaurants.  Neither of us have to eat a ton, so it works out well.  It allows us to get an appetizer, luxurious meal, and a tasty dessert for way less than it would normally cost.  We got out of Legal Seafood paying only $61.00 + tip. Not too bad.

*I’ve started having the pregnancy insomnia. I woke up at 5:00am and was up the rest of the morning.  It allowed me time to get both of the girls’ braids out, hair washed, and dinner in a crock-pot all before we left this morning (unfortunately I went to church smelling like garlic…there was nothing I could do to get the smell out…I was so embarrassed).

*Tae had her interview for baptism at Buckhead Church.  After attending the meeting last weekend, she really came to understand the purpose and meaning behind asking Jesus into your heart, and is ready to take the next step.  The interviewer just talked to her more about becoming part of God’s family, and asked her some questions.  I love the way they do this, and I really hope we incorporate this system into the Courageous Church.


Today was Pajama Day for the kids at Buckhead Church.  They have been looking forward to this for the past month.  They got to eat doughnuts and apple juice for breakfast, play pop trivia games, and make pillow cases in their small groups.  What does all this have to do with God? Nothing much, I guess.  But what it does is get the kids excited about church in general.  They look forward to going and it creates good experiences about what it means to be a Christian and learn about God.

*Shaun and I have been brainstorming the two major events the Courageous Church will put on in the city right before we launch on January 11th.  We want to do a big toy give away for some of the kids in the impoverished areas of our downtown community for Christmas, and a New Year’s Eve event geared toward families.  I’ve never heard of anything like this.  As children we were always dragged to church to fall asleep on the pews during what we called “watch night” service.  I think it would be great to have a safe, fun environment for all people to come together and fellowship over breakfast and to thank God for a new year. We are hashing out the details of how we could (along with our launch team) make this happen.  I am very excited!!!


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  1. IAD Says:

    Happy Belated Anniversary! Dinner looked great. Kids are adorable!

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