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Bucha Stuff Sunday (won’t repeat anything Shaun said) September 22, 2008

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* It’s been a really good day.  Sunday is my favorite day of the week because it’s the only day we relax.  I think the bible says you should do that?

*Yesterday we had our first launch team meeting.  Those who were there had a really good vibe, and are really committed.  We will keep working at it.

*At the launch team meeting I met Adam Black who comments on my blog all the time.  It’s kind of weird to meet people for the first time that you’ve already had such extensive, personal conversations with.  I’m really touched that he would go to such lengths to aid us with this church plant (opening his church building, working the sound).  Really, it shows that we can disagree as Christians and still have real, genuine love at the end.  Will be glad to meet the rest of his family.

*Today I went ahead and took the girls to the baptism class at Buckhead Church.  I figured it couldn’t do any harm to get them to start thinking about it.  They understand the purpose now, but still aren’t like over the moon excited about it.  Should I expect them to be?

*The girls and I picked up flowers for our very small garden in front of the house.  We LOVE gardening together (see I have a softer side).

*Tae recently had a birthday and racked up some good money.  She picked out some flowers to plant and paid for them herself.  She was sooo excited to have her own receipt!

* I cooked dinner today.  Yeah!  That’s a big deal because I do not like to cook.  Especially now that I’m pregnant, I rarely cook at all.  Whenever I cook biscuits the first thing the girls do is check to see if they’re burnt on the bottom 🙂 But here over the last week, I’ve really cooked up a storm.  I even made a homemade lasagna (on a school night at that!).  Tonight I made pot roast, greens (that were ok- I just can’t master them), and cornbread.  I had to make multiple calls to my best friend and mother-in-law (with questions) in order to pull this meal off.  But I did it, and it was good.  I don’t know what’s gotten into me.  Is it too early to be nesting?

*Sunday evenings can be a little stressful b/c I try to make sure everyone is ready for the week.  I iron clothes for all the kids for the entire week.  I learned this from my grandmother.  It makes the week so much easier.  I can’t do it tonight though.  After gardening and cooking dinner, I’m pooped.  They have clothes for tomorrow.  Everything else will have to wait.

*My house is a mess! Really, it’s unbearable.  Many years ago, I would spend hours a day keeping the house together.  I enjoyed it even.  But that was 1 pregnancy, 3 kids, and a full-time job ago.  Now, I just can’t seem to keep the mess under control.  We’ll clean up, and a few days later, it looks like a hurricane again.  What I really need is a maid. Any takers?

*Lastly, we found out on Friday that we are having another baby girl! I am over the moon excited.  I know Eze needed a brother, but I really like girls.  Their clothes are cuter, and they’re so sweet and pretty.  I LOVE my little man, and am kind of glad he will be my only boy.  This gives me an excuse to keep spoiling him like crazy.


One Response to “Bucha Stuff Sunday (won’t repeat anything Shaun said)”

  1. Cyndi Says:

    Remember to take time to relax even after you all are knee deep in ministry (this is the number one lesson I am learning and fast). I’m glad you decided to take the girls to the class I think in the long run it will help with some of the fears they may have had in the first place. I really love this idea an plan to pass it on to hubby (who says the traditional church can’t use new fresh ideas…….Have the feeling our new church is in for some surprises with me as a PW…LOL). The best news was hearing about you and Adam meeting, I think that is just great. You and Shaun will be in my prayers in the coming weeks and months.

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