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Happy Birthday Shaun September 18, 2008

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I think I’m probably the last person to tell my husband happy birthday on the net.  I can’t believe how many people from facebook sent birthday wishes. We’re not big holiday, celebration people.  So we tend to treat birthdays and anniversaries rather lazily.  But I don’t want him to think everyone else loves him more than I do.  So here’s a birthday shout out to the man of my dreams…my knight in shining armormy baby daddy!

I love you Shaun and can’t believe you’re almost 30 dude!  Aaaahhhhh!!! Oh my gosh, these last 12 years have FLOWN by.  I’m going to copy your post and write some of the things I remember.

I remember:

* You calling me to work out the logistics of our first date.  I was 15, you were 17.   I wanted to see Love Jones but my mom wouldn’t allow it.  So we saw Jerry McGuire instead.

I remember:

*Giggling the first time you tried to kiss me after a date.

*How long winded you were.  I think we’d be on the phone for 2 hours sometimes with me barely saying a word.

*Waiting anxiously for Thursday night choir rehearsal to come because I knew you’d be there (not singing of course) and I couldn’t wait to get a new note from you.

*Feeling like I’d never breathe again when you left for college.  I think we originally planned on breaking up because we didn’t think a long distance relationship would work.

*You calling me when you arrived in Atlanta and telling me I was all you thought about and you wanted to try to make it work after all.  I remember thinking I might faint.

I remember:

*Running up $100+ dollar phone bills talking to you in the days when long distance wasn’t free.

*You picking me up from my job at Fazoli’s when you were on your college breaks-not even caring that I made your whole car smell like garlic.

*Helping you walk after your 3rd surgery and crying as you cried because it hurt so bad.

*You playing barney on the computer with Taeyonna when she was just our 2 year old niece.  And now I see you love her like she’s our child.

*Hoping we’d get married.  Wondering when you were going to ask me.

*Our pitiful excuse for a wedding (shotgun weddings are never glamorous) being one of the happiest days of my life.

*Seeing you hold your first born child.  Your words when she came out.  You said “It’s me” because we were shocked that she looked so much like you.

*You helping me walk after my 1st surgery.  You crying as I cried because it hurt so bad.

I remember:

*You kissing your son.

*You losing your job, getting a new one, losing your job, getting a new one, (x20)…:-)

I could go on and on…I remember 30 pages of memories.  I pray God gives us a whole lifetime more.


6 Responses to “Happy Birthday Shaun”

  1. Did you have to mention all of the different jobs I’ve had across the years!

    I love you woman! We have had some great times together. Our trips to Myrtle Beach & Tybee Island stand out for sure. The times we’ve had so much fun @ King’s Island are great too. If your blog was Rated R, I could really have a lot of fun in this comment section too. 🙂

    Love ya,


  2. Kristy Says:

    Rai, that was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. If only our world could be filled with strong marriages and families that love each other.

  3. raitking Says:

    Thanks Kristy. I guess I really do love him. I’ve been reading your blog too by the way.

  4. chris Says:

    Wow. I am proud of you guys… As much as I love to think out loud and to myself…. I should start my own blog. LOL… I think this is great… GREAT because real people with real situation that aren’t afraid to share… keep it transparent! You guys are awesome!!!

  5. Yo' Mama Says:

    It’s for so many of the reasons you’ve cited in this blog about Shaun that I know I don’t have to worry about you as I would normally. You truly are covered by a man of God who loves and cherishes his wife and family. Some couples bring themselves together–you and Shaun are called as husband and wife by Almighty God. Love you,

  6. Tone Says:

    This was a beautiful blog!

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